Arts Research Monitor Volume: 9

Vol. 9 No 10, March 2011
In this issue: A focus on human resource issues, including two reports on the overall cultural sector and a study of the situation of mid-career dancers.
Vol. 9 No 9, March 2011
In this issue: Five reports from Canada and the US on the relationship between the arts and the quality of life, the correlation between arts participation and civic and social engagement, the potential relationship between video games and the civic engagement of teenagers, differences in happiness among Canadians, as well as an exploration of the measurement of social impacts.
Vol. 9 No 8, February 2011
In this issue: A focus on the performing arts, including a statistical summary of the situation of Canadian performing arts organizations, statistics on Canadian consumer spending on live performances, as well as Canadian and American reports on audience engagement and development.
Vol. 9 No 7, January 2011
In this issue: A focus on quantitative and qualitative information regarding arts education and arts participation of children and youth, including a national report on music education in Canadian schools, a Manitoba study of various forms of arts education in schools, an assessment of the performance of Canadian youth in reading, as well as a report on discussions regarding youth engagement in arts, culture and heritage organizations.
Vol. 9 No 6, December 2010
In this issue: A number of recent reports have examined the working lives and financial situation of artists, including reports on multiple job-holding of artists, the situation of elder artists, social and income security for creative workers, as well as artists' work patterns in commercial, non-profit and community-based settings.
Vol. 9 No 5, November 2010
In this issue: Recent Canadian reports provide interesting insights into government and consumer spending on culture. These reports include a benchmark Statistics Canada dataset, Quebec-specific information on municipal cultural spending, and a Hill Strategies report on consumer spending on culture.
Vol. 9 No 4, October 2010
In this issue: Four reports and presentations that examine artistic neighbourhoods, spaces and districts, including the intersection of culture, economy and place.
Vol. 9 No 3, October 2010
In this issue: A summary of four major statistical reports, including a Canadian survey of arts participation and public perception of the arts, a Canadian index of leisure and culture, an American arts index, and an American survey of arts participation.
Vol. 9 No 2, September 2010
In this issue: the culture-related results of a broad Statistics Canada report on the size and scope of the nonprofit sector, a report on public perceptions of charitable organizations, and reports on individual donors and volunteers in the arts and culture.
Vol. 9 No 1, August 2010
In this issue: four reports on arts education in Canada and the US, including a survey of the cultural activities of Montreal-area youth as well as American reports on arts learning participation and the nature of excellence in arts education.