Arts Research Monitor Volume: 8

Vol. 8 No 10, March 2010
In this issue: A review of recent studies that examine audience engagement, including a report on the importance of engaging audiences and two studies of engagement practices in dance.
Vol. 8 No 9, February 2010
In this issue: A number of recent reports have examined how the arts can contribute to the quality of life as well as the social and economic well-being of small and rural communities. These reports have also examined factors that attract artists or contribute to the vitality of the arts in small and rural communities.
Vol. 8 No 8, January 2010
In this issue: a focus on culture and international trade, including Hill Strategies' analysis of data from Statistics Canada on international trade in culture goods and services as well as a guide aimed at assisting Canadians export their cultural products and services.
Vol. 8 No 7, December 2009
In this issue: A number of recent reports, using quite different methodologies and with different timing, have examined the effects of the recession on the cultural sector in Canada and elsewhere. The main consensus of these reports appears to be that endowments, foundations and business-related funding sources are probably the hardest hit by the recession.
Vol. 8 No 6, November 2009
In this issue: A summary of recently-released statistics on Canada's cultural sector, including government spending on culture as well as the financial situation of performing arts organizations, museums, art galleries, historic sites, zoos and botanical gardens. These statistics relate to the 2006-07 fiscal year or the 2007 calendar year, obviously pre-dating the recession and recent shifts in government spending. Next month, the Arts Research Monitor will examine reports on the impact of the recession on the cultural sector.
Vol. 8 No 5, October 2009
In this issue: A summary of recent reports on Aboriginal artists and arts administrators, including an examination of the specific realities of Aboriginal arts activity in Canada.
Vol. 8 No 4, September 2009
In this issue: A number of recent reports have examined the situation of artists and arts administrators in Canada, including an examination of the socio-economic condition of visual artists, a study of the situation of arts managers, as well as a statistical profile of artists in large Canadian cities.
Vol. 8 No 3, August 2009
This special "back-to-school" issue of the Arts Research Monitor highlights resources regarding arts education in Canada and the US. The Canadian reports include a description of high-quality music education in schools and statistics about the arts and reading in Ontario schools. The American reports provide case studies of the revitalization of arts education as well as the role of arts learning in developing arts audiences.
Vol. 8 No 2, July 2009
In this issue: a focus on the broader non-profit sector, including reports on donors and volunteers in Canada, gender differences in charitable giving in the U.S.A., the impacts of the recession on non-profit organizations in Ontario and the economic contribution of Canada's non-profit sector.
Vol. 8 No 1, June 2009
In this issue: A number of reports on the creative economy, including the role of arts and culture in stimulating innovation and creativity. An international forum examines the creative economy around the globe, while other reports highlight the prospects for the creative economy in two Canadian provinces.