Arts Research Monitor Volume: 2

Vol. 2 No 10, April 2004
Devoted to the debate over the "creative class" theories of Richard Florida, this issue attempts to review the most salient reports and articles from supporters, followers and detractors of the creative class theories, with a particular focus on Canadian implications.
Vol. 2 No 9, April 2004
In Vol. 2, No. 9: A report on the status of women in theatre, two articles on dance programs and participation, and a document outlining a framework for increasing arts participation.
Vol. 2 No 8, March 2004
In Vol. 2, No. 8: three reports on arts attendance and participation, with a particular focus on the impact of demographic change on Canada's arts community. Profiles of two studies of arts and culture donors and volunteers in Canada, as well as a link to a site regarding Canadian cultural statistics, are also provided.
Vol. 2 No 7, January 2004
In Vol. 2 No. 7: a number of reports on human resources in the cultural sector and other non-profit organizations, a report on evaluation in non-profits, and two reports on arts attendance in Canada.
Vol. 2 No 6, December 2003
In Vol. 2 No. 6: a major report on the state of Canada's performing arts facilities as well as reports on arts education in performing arts centres, museums and other arts organizations. Links to arts education, cultural research and cultural tourism resources are also provided.
Vol. 2 No 5, November 2003
Vol. 2 No. 5 profiles reports on the state of Canada's media arts sector, Canada's Aboriginal dance groups and artists, and American dance companies. Two other reports examine the value of culture in our communities.
Vol. 2 No 4, October 2003
In Vol. 2 No. 4: a report on the finances of Canadian performing arts organizations and three American reports on arts participation and the value of the performing arts.
Vol. 2 No 3, September 2003
Vol. 2 No. 3 looks at key reports on the state of arts management in Canada, including an action plan for sustaining and renewing arts management and a national arts managers' compensation survey. Also included are reports on the orchestra sector in Canada and the art museum sector in the US.
Vol. 2 No 2, August 2003
Vol. 2 No. 2 examines reports on volunteers and charitable donors in Canada and the US, some of which highlight the situation of arts and culture organizations.
Vol. 2 No 1, July 2003
Vol. 2 No. 1 focuses on arts education and skills and training in non-profit organizations.