Arts Research Monitor Volume: 17

Vol. 17 No 5, September 2018

In this issue: Quantitative and qualitative information related to museums and heritage organizations, including Canadian and provincial data on galleries, museums, and heritage organizations as well as an American study of key trends in the museums sector.

Vol. 17 No 4, August 2018

In this issue: A focus on arts and culture participation and the situation of the performing arts, including two Canadian surveys and two American studies.

Vol. 17 No 3, June 2018

In this issue: A focus on the human resource situation in the arts and culture, including a Canadian survey of arts organization compensation and benefits, an English survey of diversity in the arts labour force, a study of inequalities among creative sector workers in the United Kingdom, and an American summary of key issues in capturing identity-related information in arts labour force surveys.

Vol. 17 No 2, May 2018

In this issue: Three Canadian reports that examine local data related to the arts, culture, and heritage, including benchmarks of local cultural spending and non-monetary supports, as well as an Australian framework for local cultural planning.

Vol. 17 No 1, April 2018

In this issue: Four reports examining the social benefits of the arts, culture, and heritage, including three Canadian literature reviews and an American study of the relationship between artistic activities and well-being.