Arts Research Monitor Volume: 16

Vol. 16 No 8, January 2018

In this issue: Research insights from Canada, the United States, and Australia related to arts attendance, audience engagement, community impacts of the arts, and the relationship between arts participation and civic engagement.

Vol. 16 No 7, November 2017

In this issue: Highlights from four reports that examine different aspects of the working lives, incomes, and training of artists, including reports on Canadian dance performers, Canadian multidisciplinary artists and collectives, entrepreneurship training for American artists, and the relationship (if any) between socioeconomic status and access to a professional arts career.

Vol. 16 No 6, October 2017

In this issue: Summaries of a major Canadian report on arts attendance and participation, a Quebec report on performing arts attendance, and an American report on barriers to cultural attendance.

Vol. 16 No 5, September 2017

In this issue: Two Canadian and two international reports that explore issues related to Indigenous, gender, and cultural equity, impacts, and development in the arts.

Vol. 16 No 4, August 2017

In this issue: Four reports that probe different elements of public perception of the arts and culture in Canada and the United States, including an Ontario survey related to the quality of life, a Quebec survey related to artists and their role in society, a survey related to English-language books in Canada, and an American survey of public attitudes toward the arts.

Vol. 16 No 3, June 2017

In this issue: Four perspectives on identifying and measuring social and intrinsic benefits of the arts from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Vol. 16 No 2, May 2017

In this issue: Recent research examining the arts and digital technologies, including Canadian reports on the arts in general and the performing arts in particular, along with findings from a survey of American arts organizations’ digital marketing.

Vol. 16 No 1, May 2017

In this issue: A focus on arts education and benefits of the arts, including a Canadian examination of the situation of theatre for young audiences, a United Kingdom report on the benefits of cultural learning, an American summary of the benefits of the arts and culture, and an American report on the audience impact of choral music concerts.