Arts Research Monitor Volume: 14

Vol. 14 No 10, March 2016

In this issue: Results of Canadian surveys on volunteers, donors and charities, including a survey of trust in charities, a study of arts and culture volunteers and donors, and two Statistics Canada articles on volunteers and donors in all types of not-for-profit organizations.

Vol. 14 No 9, February 2016
Motivations and barriers

What motivates people to attend an arts activity? What prevents others from attending? This issue highlights four American reports that examine motivations for and barriers to arts attendance.

Vol. 14 No 8, January 2016
(Art galleries / Artist-run centres / Presenters)

In this issue: Four reports examining the situation of arts organizations, including Canadian statistics on art museums and galleries, artist-run centres, and performing arts presenters as well as an American report examining the sustainability of arts and culture organizations in select cities.

Vol. 14 No 7, November 2015

In this issue: Four reports examining different aspects of the working lives of artists, including a Canadian study on the education of artists, a series of reports from the United Kingdom on the situation of visual artists, a report on Quebec song, and a series of American reports on the earnings of musicians and composers.

Vol. 14 No 6, October 2015

In this issue: Four reports that take different perspectives on the benefits and impacts of the arts in society, including a Canadian summary of the benefits of music education, a survey of Toronto residents on the value of the arts, an article examining the arts and our shared values, and parallel research from the sports sector regarding the integration of new Canadians via sport.

Vol. 14 No 5, September 2015

In this issue: Four reports on the situation of the arts and not-for-profit management, including detailed benchmarks of the performance of U.S. arts organizations, a report on management standards for Canadian charities and not-for-profit organizations, an article on the knowledge needs of arts organizations, and a survey of digital marketing by U.S. performing arts organizations.

Vol. 14 No 4, August 2015

This special issue of the Arts Research Monitor takes an extended look at data from the 2010 Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account, a landmark dataset regarding the direct economic and employment impacts of culture in Canada, the provinces, and the territories.

Vol. 14 No 3, June 2015

In this issue: A focus on the connections between the arts, health, and well-being, including a report on art and the health of Aboriginal Peoples, a presentation on the arts and well-being, a summary of international research into the long-term connections between the arts and health, as well as a study of the neurochemical impacts of music.

Vol. 14 No 2, May 2015

In this issue: Summaries of a major Canadian report on active participation in dance, American reports on arts participation and local arts vibrancy, and a report from the United Kingdom on arts participation.

Vol. 14 No 1, April 2015

In this issue: A focus on the situation of theatres and other performing arts organizations in Canada, including summaries of a survey of performing arts organizations, a fact sheet on theatre, a survey of the importance of theatre in Canadian communities, and a report on challenges and opportunities in “the changing theatre landscape”.