Arts Research Monitor Volume: 12

Vol. 12 No 10, March 2014

In this issue: A focus on arts attendance and participation, including a Canadian study of arts attendance by diverse audiences, a report on cultural participation by Aboriginal children, a landmark American report on arts attendance, and an examination of whether Canadians are interested in reading Canadian content.

Vol. 12 No 9, February 2014

In this issue: Four reports on arts sector structures related to artists, arts management, and arts funding, including articles on the “next generation” of arts practice, new organizational models in the arts, and the resilience of the arts sector. While these reports do cite some research sources, they should be considered position papers more than research articles per se (unlike most works included in the Arts Research Monitor).

Vol. 12 No 8, January 2014

In this issue: A focus on the application of digital technologies in the arts, including reports on the use of digital technologies by arts and culture organizations, online cultural consumption by Canadians 65 and older, and trends in Canadians’ communications habits.

Vol. 12 No 7, November 2013

In this issue: Summaries of three recent reports that examine direct and indirect spending on culture by provincial, territorial, and municipal governments. Also included is a report on broader trends in the not-for-profit sector, based on a national survey of charity leaders.

Vol. 12 No 6, October 2013

In this issue: Four recent reports examining various aspects of the music business, including policy options for music and economic development, the effects of music and music education on technology hubs, and two reports on the independent music industry in Canada.

Vol. 12 No 5, September 2013

In this issue: A focus on recent reports on arts education, including American summaries of the benefits of arts and music education, Canadian research into the relationship between music training and reading skills, a Quebec survey of the cultural activities of children and their parents, and a Canadian report on the labour market value of higher education.

Vol. 12 No 4, August 2013

In this issue: A number of recent reports have provided indexes and indicators of cultural and social well-being. This issue highlights two arts-specific reports, including an American arts index and a proposed set of cultural indicators for Australia. The issue also examines whether and how culture is integrated into two international indexes of social progress and well-being.

Vol. 12 No 3, July 2013

In this issue: A focus on research into specific disciplines within the arts and culture in Canada, including two studies of dance and dancers, data on the state of Canadian orchestras, and a report on documentary production.

Vol. 12 No 2, June 2013

In this issue: Four Canadian reports examining business donations and sponsorships of not-for-profit organizations in Canada.

Vol. 12 No 1, May 2013

In this issue: A focus on volunteers and donors in Canada, including two Statistics Canada articles on volunteers and donors in all types of not-for-profit organizations, a Hill Strategies Research report on volunteers and donors in the arts and culture, and an Imagine Canada report on long-term trends in individual donations.