Arts Research Monitor Volume: 11

Vol. 11 No 10, March 2013

In this issue: Canadian and American research into the links between the arts, culture, tourism, local planning, facilities, and well-being.

Vol. 11 No 9, February 2013

In this issue: Four reports from Canada and the US on cultural participation, public perceptions of the benefits of culture, the value of the performing arts in communities, and the correlation between arts participation, health, and well-being.

Vol. 11 No 8, January 2013

In this issue: A summary of four reports on public engagement and arts participation, including a Canadian discussion paper on public engagement, a British study that segments arts audiences, a Canadian study of factors in arts attendance, and a presentation on the changing demographics of arts attendance.

Vol. 11 No 7, December 2012

In this issue: A focus on the visual arts sector, including a report on the role of artist-run centres within the visual arts, a statistical summary of heritage organizations in Canada, a British report that aims to provide benchmarks regarding visual arts audiences, and a British study of socially-engaged visual arts organizations.

Vol. 11 No 6, November 2012

In this issue: A focus on Canadian studies that explore the effects of digital technologies on the cultural sector, including two reports examining the sector as a whole, a study of theatre, and a series of articles and reports on e-books.

Vol. 11 No 5, October 2012
In this issue: Five important reports and resources examining arts education in the US, England and Australia, including evidence regarding the impacts of the arts for at-risk youth, the connection between childhood arts experiences and adult arts attendance, the impacts of partnerships between arts organizations and schools, ways to improve arts education in American schools, as well as information about an arts education research clearinghouse.
Vol. 11 No 4, September 2012
In this issue: A summary of recent statistics related to Canadian performing arts organizations, Quebec dancers and choreographers, and 50 Canadian orchestras.
Vol. 11 No 3, August 2012
In this issue: Four reports that examine the nature of Aboriginal arts and equity issues within the arts in Canada.
Vol. 11 No 2, July 2012
In this issue: Four reports that examine arts attendance and attendee motivations, including a survey of Canadians' performing arts participation, a Montreal conference that examined the changing nature of cultural participation, an international study of theatre attendee motivations, and an American study of factors in performing arts attendance.
Vol. 11 No 1, June 2012
In this issue: Detailed information about government spending on culture in Canada, including an analysis of a Statistics Canada dataset, a report on provincial government spending on culture, a study of cultural spending by five large cities, and a report on cultural spending by Quebec municipalities.