Arts Research Monitor Volume: 10

Vol. 10 No 10, March 2012
In this issue: Four reports highlighting the situation of arts attendance and participation at the provincial and local levels, including Quebec performing arts attendance, New Brunswickers' engagement with the arts, a report on the arts, culture and heritage activities of residents in each province, as well as a report that highlights some local performing arts participation data.
Vol. 10 No 9, February 2012
In this issue: Six reports that examine different aspects of arts attendance and participation, including case studies of how four American arts organizations are building their audiences, an American survey of the attitudes, behaviours, motivations and barriers experienced by cultural audiences, two American reports highlighting facets of arts participation beyond attendance, a Canadian report on arts participation in 2010, and a presentation on audiences, markets and motivations in the performing arts in Canada.
Vol. 10 No 8, February 2012
In this issue: Summaries of four reports on the situation of cultural facilities and infrastructure, including a survey of arts facility needs in Ontario, an American study of "creative placemaking", a survey of technology adoption in North American arts organizations, as well as a Quebec report aimed at developing standards for municipal provision of cultural facilities.
Vol. 10 No 7, January 2012

In this issue: A focus on arts education and children's arts experiences, including an American report on arts education and arts participation, a study of the arts education activities of Toronto performing arts organizations, a report on the participation of young Canadian children in arts and reading activities outside of school, as well as a brief report on the situation of the arts in Ontario schools.

Vol. 10 No 6, December 2011

In this issue: Four reports that examine the financial impacts of culture, including a Canadian study of cultural tourists, American reports on the performing arts and cultural industries, and an Italian study of the cultural economy.

Vol. 10 No 5, November 2011
In this issue: A summary of four reports on the situation of artists, including a profile of Quebec writers as well as Australian and American studies on the situation of artists, teaching artists and arts program graduates.
Vol. 10 No 4, October 2011
In this issue: A focus on audience engagement across arts disciplines as well as key statistics on heritage organizations, including art galleries, museums, historic sites, zoos and botanical gardens.
Vol. 10 No 3, September 2011
In this issue: A focus on performing arts statistics, including a summary of the situation of performing arts organizations, statistics on presenters and independent artists, a survey of audience experiences at music festivals and concerts, as well as an American survey of audience engagement in dance.
Vol. 10 No 2, August 2011
In this issue: A focus on the presence and impacts of culture in cities, especially smaller municipalities, based on a number of discussion papers, presentations and other resources that explore aspects of creative cities.
Vol. 10 No 1, July 2011
In this issue: Recent Canadian datasets and reports have provided insights into government spending on culture, including a benchmark Statistics Canada dataset, an analysis of federal cultural spending between 2008-09 and 2010-11, and a report on provincial government spending on culture.