Arts Research Monitor Volume: 1

Vol. 1 No 7, March 2003
This month: four reports on various aspects of artists’ working conditions in Canada and abroad.
Vol. 1 No 6, February 2003
Reports on the links between the arts and the economy, community development and health as well as human resources in the arts.
Vol. 1 No 5, January 2003
Reports on human resources, organizational capacity-building and volunteers.
Vol. 1 No 4, December 2002
Reports on heritage organizations and museums, community cultural and economic development, as well as how to measure a city's cultural environment.
Vol. 1 No 3, November 2002
Resources examining classical music attendance as well as organizational planning and management.
Vol. 1 No 2, October 2002
Reports examining the social and community impacts of the arts, funding and finances in the arts, and arts advocacy.
Vol. 1 No 1, September 2002
The inaugural issue of the Arts Research Monitor highlights reports on arts education, arts funding and finances, economic impacts of the arts, as well as evaluation and measurement of funding activities.