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RT @SaraPMHouston: London culture spend third highest in the world in @BOP_consulting report | News | ArtsProfessional… — 4 days 3 hours ago
Motivations sociales (famille et amis) sont à l’origine d’une première assistance à un concert de #chœur. #arts days 2 hours ago
Concerts de #chœur : « Différents programmes artistiques produisent des impacts différents sur le public. » days 2 hours ago
#Choral #music: 1st timers cite social motivations (time with family and friends) as key reason for attending. days 3 hours ago
#Choral #music research from @chorusamerica: different impacts from different artistic programs. days 3 hours ago
Rapport américain évalue l’impact sur le public des concerts de #chœurs. #arts days 2 hours ago
Impacts of #choral #music attendance examined in @chorusamerica report. #arts #artsresearch days 3 hours ago
RT @ThePlaceLondon: A healthcare provider in Cheshire is prescribing dancing and other forms of culture to aid wellbeing… — 6 days 3 hours ago
RT @jessewente: The cultural appropriation debate isn't about free speech — it's about context | CBC Arts days 4 hours ago
RT @createquity: Venture capitalist @scottehartley's new book argues the value of the liberal arts in technology. h… — 6 days 4 hours ago