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RT @o_n_n: Back by popular demand! Federal trends & issues for nonprofits: w/ @ImagineCanada @PhilanthropyCDA @uni… — 20 hours 49 min ago
Looking forward to chatting about #arts attendance, participation, demographics, and #artshealthwellbeing with… week 5 hours ago
RT @CNAL_RCAA: Steve Jobs riffed Bob Dylan on the guitar. 75% of Silicon Valley CEOs learned to play music when young… — 1 week 3 days ago
RT @CNAL_RCAA: ArtsEd students: do better academically, transfer arts knowledge to nonarts domains, and demo greater motivation and engagem… — 1 week 3 days ago
Report from @ArtsResearch : women represent 54% of directors of smaller #art #museums but <1/3 of larger museums. week 5 days ago
Les femmes dirigent 54 % des #musées d' #art américains ayant des plus petits budgets mais <1/3 des grands musées. week 5 days ago
US #art #museums: “on average, female directors earned 73¢ for every $1 that male directors earned”. @ArtsResearch week 5 days ago
Survey by @ArtsResearch & @MuseumDirectors shows gender gap in US #art #museum directors. #arts #artsresearch week 5 days ago
Rapport américain : en moyenne, directrices des #musées d’ #art gagnent 73¢ pour chaque 1 $ gagné par directeurs. week 5 days ago
Sondage américain démontre le fossé des sexes dans la direction des #musées d’ #art. #arts #équité week 5 days ago