As part of our goal of providing highly-relevant and insightful research on the arts, Kelly Hill has created and conducted dozens of presentations in both official languages, in various disciplines and in all regions of the country. Many of these presentations are available for download below.

22 January 2007
This presentation, conducted by Kelly Hill and presented by Culture Montreal in November 2006, provides a portrait of individual participation in arts and culture organizations in Canada through volunteering time or donating money.
27 October 2005
This presentation, conducted in Montreal in French, summarizes the key conclusions of our report Artists by Neighbourhood in Canada, with a particular spotlight on the most artistic neighbourhoods in Canada.
27 June 2005
This presentation highlights statistics regarding arts attendance and consumer spending on cultural goods and services, with a spotlight on Saskatchewan-specific data.
4 May 2005

This two-part presentation examines research findings related to: 1) arts attendance and cultural participation in Canada and 2) artists in Canada

21 June 2003
An analysis of Statistics Canada survey data, commissioned from Hill Strategies by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries and presented by Kelly Hill at the June 2003 Spring Focus Session of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries.