Other Publications

This portion of our site provides more information about some custom research projects that have been commissioned from Hill Strategies Research, including links to additional information or full reports. Our clients have included arts organizations, arts associations and partnerships, arts councils, municipalities, and government departments.

7 July 2005
This report examines spending on culture by federal, provincial, and municipal governments in Canada, focusing largely on changes in spending between 1992-93 and 2002-03. The report examines government spending by cultural subsector, by level of government, by province, and in relation to population size.
2 May 2005
Based on the 2001 census, this study finds a number of significant characteristics about artists in Ontario, including high levels of education, a high proportion of self-employment, a predominance of women, very low earnings, and strong growth in the number of artists between 1991 and 2001.
19 April 2005
This report summarizes the results of our research into the needs, offerings and gaps related to documentary filmmaker training in Canad, based on web research, interviews with documentary filmmakers, funders and broadcasters, participation in two forums on the issue, and a short online survey of training organizations.
16 February 2005

Throughout the fall of 2004, the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) distributed a questionnaire to dancers across Canada which included questions concerning the demographic and family characteristics of professional dancers, their dance work in 2003/04, their education and earnings, as well as their expected age of retirement from their performing careers.

The DTRC worked to ensure that a large number of questionnaires were completed, by contacting DTRC members and other dancers who might qualify for and benefit from DTRC membership. Email, mail and phone requests were sent to all members (approximately 420).

The efforts by the DTRC resulted in 543 responses in total, including 220 members, 296 nonmembers and 27 DTRC Stream I grant recipients.

8 July 2004
This report, commissioned from Hill Strategies Research, was published by the National Endowment for the Arts in July of 2004, leading to significant discussion about the state of reading and writing in North America.