Situation of artists and arts administrators

Volume: 8 Issue: 4

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In this issue: A number of recent reports have examined the situation of artists and arts administrators in Canada, including an examination of the socio-economic condition of visual artists, a study of the situation of arts managers, as well as a statistical profile of artists in large Canadian cities.
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  • Based on a two-stage survey of Canadian visual artists, this study delves more deeply than any existing reports into visual artists' sources of revenue, art practice expenses and time use. More than half of all visual artists (56%) lose money on their artistic practice. The report argues that visual artists themselves are the primary funders of artistic practices.
  • Based on a national survey of 218 arts organizations, this report provides data about salary levels for 21 management and administrative positions in Canadian non-profit arts organizations in 2008. Unfortunately, the report does not provide an estimate of the margin of error, given the number of survey respondents. This is a major limitation on any interpretation of the results.
  • Based on the 2006 Census

    This report provides an analysis of artists residing in 93 large Canadian cities, including statistics concerning the number of artists, artists' earnings, and trends between 1991 and 2006. Overall, 103,500 artists reside in the 93 large cities included in the study. This represents three-quarters (74%) of the 140,000 artists in Canada.