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Volume: 5 Issue: 5

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This month: an examination of recently-released statistics from Statistics Canada and the Council for Business and the Arts in Canada related to performing arts organizations and the book publishing industry. In addition to a summary of the published reports, new data analysis by Hill Strategies Research is included in this issue of the Arts Research Monitor. A presentation related to arts attendance and cultural participation is also summarized.
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  • Catalogue no. 87F0003XIE
    Released in July 2006, Statistics Canada's redesigned performing arts survey highlights organizations' operating finances in 2004. Total revenues were $1.2 billion for all performing arts groups in 2004, including about $580 million for non-profit organizations (48% of the total) and $630 million for the for-profit groups (52%).
  • This survey from the Council for Business and the Arts in Canada highlights the situation of non-profit performing arts companies in 2004-05. The 200 performing arts companies responding to the CBAC survey have total revenues of $449 million, or 77% of the estimated $580 million in revenues for the 473 non-profit organizations in the Statistics Canada survey.
  • Catalogue no. 87F0004XIE
    This is the first release of a redesigned survey of book publishers, highlighting data from 2004. Total revenues were $2.2 billion for all 330 publishers in 2004, while total expenses amounted to $1.9 billion. Before-tax profits were $235 million, or 10.9% of total revenues.
  • presentation to Association of Cultural Executives
    This two-part presentation examines research findings related to: 1) arts attendance and cultural participation in Canada; and 2) artists in Canada. Knowing nothing else about someone, what one question (not about books) would you ask them in order to guess whether they had read a book in the past year? The presentation also examines crossover attendance data related to the performing arts and art galleries in Canada.