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Nonprofit sector size and scope; Canadians' views of charities

Volume: 3 Issue: 7

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Volume 3, no 7 highlights some relevant findings for the arts and culture sector of two broad Statistics Canada reports on the size and scope of the nonprofit sector. A survey on Canadians' opinions about charities is also summarized.
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  • Based on an in-depth survey of 13,000 incorporated not-for-profit organizations, the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations (NSNVO) provides substantial information about revenues, staffing, volunteers and problems in incorporated nonprofit organizations. Of an estimated 161,000 incorporated nonprofit organizations in Canada, 13,770 are involved in the arts and culture.
  • Developed as part of the Voluntary Sector Initiative, the Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering is a new and permanent feature of Canada's standard economic accounts, providing information on the economic size and scope, revenue sources, expenditures, volunteer activity, and paid labour in the nonprofit sector.
  • This report from the Muttart Foundation is based on the results of a telephone survey that asked 3,863 adult Canadians about their opinions concerning charities.