Nonprofit sector information, donors and volunteers

Volume: 9 Issue: 2

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In this issue: the culture-related results of a broad Statistics Canada report on the size and scope of the nonprofit sector, a report on public perceptions of charitable organizations, and reports on individual donors and volunteers in the arts and culture.
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  • Statistics Canada's Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering provides information on the economic size and scope of the non-profit sector. The non-profit sector's Gross Domestic Product was $101 billion in 2007. Statistics Canada's analysis indicates that "the broader non-profit sector, which includes hospitals, universities and colleges, exceeded by more than one third the value added of the entire retail trade industry, and outpaced the value added of the mining, oil and gas extraction industry."

  • Based on a national telephone survey of 3,863 Canadians aged 18 or older, this report finds that "charities continue to enjoy high levels of trust, but need to be better at telling their story". Arts charities are trusted by only 63% of Canadians, higher only than international development organizations (59%). Across the country, arts charities receive the highest levels of trust in the Atlantic provinces (all four above the Canadian average) and the lowest levels in Saskatchewan (58%) and Quebec (59%).

  • Some of the key findings of this report include:

    • 759,000 cultural donors gave a total of about $101 million to arts and culture organizations in 2007.
    • The donations to arts and culture organizations represent 1.0% of financial donations to all types of non-profit organizations in Canada.
    • The 759,000 donors to arts and culture organizations comprise 3.3% of all Canadian donors.
    • Among the 11 types of non-profit organizations covered by the survey, arts and culture organizations rank ninth with regard to the overall number of donors.
    • Average donations to arts and cultural organizations are relatively high.
  • This report finds that 698,000 Canadians age 15 or older volunteered 73.5 million hours in arts and culture organizations in 2007. The 73.5 million hours volunteered in arts and culture organizations is equivalent to about 38,000 full-time, full-year jobs, valued at about $1.1 billion. About 1.3 million Canadians volunteered in arts and culture organizations, donated money to them, or did both in 2007. This represents 5.0% of all Canadians 15 years of age or older.