Literacy, Libraries and Publishing

Volume: 5 Issue: 7

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This month: four reports related to literacy, libraries and publishing, including a Canadian study of the link between early reading ability and later literacy skills, a British report on the role of public libraries in local economic and social vitality, a Canadian examination of human resource issues in Canadian libraries, and a study of the library acquisition process in Ontario school and public libraries.
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  • National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
    This article in Statistics Canada's Daily compares the reading ability of 8 and 9 year-olds with their literacy skills 10 years later (at age 18 or 19). The main finding of the report is that early reading skills have an impact on literacy skills later in life, regardless of the child's background.
  • Based on a literature review, a survey of 28 library authorities and case studies, this British report argues that public libraries are important factors in the "community-driven knowledge economy" as well as local economic and social vitality.
  • This report summarizes almost three years of research into the human resource situation of Canadian libraries, including a literature review, telephone interviews, focus group sessions, a mail-in survey of 461 library administrators and managers, and an internet survey of over 2,200 librarians and 2,000 paraprofessionals.
  • This report, based on interviews and an online survey with library sector representatives, highlights the acquisitions processes in Ontario public and school libraries, especially with regard to Canadian books. The results are intended to assist publishers in marketing to library decision-makers.