Government spending on culture

Volume: 11 Issue: 1

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In this issue: Detailed information about government spending on culture in Canada, including an analysis of a Statistics Canada dataset, a report on provincial government spending on culture, a study of cultural spending by five large cities, and a report on cultural spending by Quebec municipalities.
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  • Statistics Canada recently released a brief overview and data tables regarding government spending on culture in 2009-10. In 2009-10, the three levels of government spent $9.6 billion on culture, excluding transfers between different levels. This represents a 20% increase from 2003-04 (after adjusting for inflation). It should be noted that Statistics Canada has recently cancelled this survey for budgetary reasons. Therefore, data will not be available for subsequent years.

  • This report uses Statistics Canada data to examine provincial government spending on culture in 2009-10, including provincial operating spending, capital spending and grants. While some detailed findings are specific to Saskatchewan, the report also provides substantial comparisons with other Canadian provinces, including an examination of overall provincial expenditures on culture, provincial spending on the arts, provincial arts grants, provincial expenditures on the cultural industries, and provincial spending on heritage.

  • A study prepared for the City of Vancouver, the City of Calgary, the City of Toronto, the City of Ottawa and the Ville de Montréal

    This report compares the cultural investment in five of Canada's largest cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. Cultural staff members in each city were instrumental in the process, both in working toward a common definition of culture and in capturing local data (which were reviewed and vetted by Hill Strategies).

  • (Les dépenses culturelles des municipalités en 2010)

    This report provides some interesting findings on cultural spending by Quebec municipalities. In the report, cultural spending includes: libraries; arts and letters; heritage, public art and design; cultural festivals and events; events with a cultural component; cultural and scientific leisure activities; conservation of historical archives; and other cultural expenditures. In 2010, Quebec municipalities spent $740 million on culture, representing 4.9% of all municipal expenditures.