Culture and the Creative Economy

Volume: 8 Issue: 1

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In this issue: A number of reports on the creative economy, including the role of arts and culture in stimulating innovation and creativity. An international forum examines the creative economy around the globe, while other reports highlight the prospects for the creative economy in two Canadian provinces.
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  • Compendium of Research Papers
    The International Forum on the Creative Economy, a two-day forum in Gatineau, Quebec in March 2008, provides "evidence on the current and future economic forces and trends impacting the innovation, creative, and knowledge-based economies".
  • For Ontario to become a "world leader in the creative age", this report argues that building prosperity for all Ontarians will require "drawing more broadly on the creative skills of our people and workforce, developing stronger clustered industries, and harnessing the creative potential of current and future generations".
  • This report outlines the nature of the emerging creative economy, where "human creativity is a defining feature of contemporary life". The report identifies four "critical success factors in building a successful creative economy": (1) leadership and participation; (2) infrastructure; (3) awareness and education; and (4) investment and policy.