Business Contributions to Non-Profit Organizations

Volume: 5 Issue: 10

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This month: a focus on business contributions to the arts and other non-profit organizations in Canada, including a report on the donation practices of businesses, a guide for arts organizations in seeking business sponsorships, and a survey of business support for employee volunteers.
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  • Findings from a Qualitative Study of Current Practices
    Based on a literature review and roundtable discussions with 47 business representatives in late 2006, this "exploratory investigation of the community investment activities of Canadian businesses" summarizes the practices and challenges, from a business perspective, related to business donations and community investment.
  • A Guide for the Arts: How to Approach a Potential Business Sponsor
    Designed for arts organizations, this brief guide to business partnerships outlines partnership benefits for businesses, how to find business partners, and key messages to convey.
  • Results of a National Survey
    Based on a survey of 990 businesses in the fall of 2005, supplemented by two focus group sessions and 22 interviews, this report provides information about the types of organizations supported by employee volunteering, business benefits and challenges related to employee volunteering, the number of businesses that support employee volunteering, and how this support is provided.