Audience engagement

Volume: 8 Issue: 10

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In this issue: A review of recent studies that examine audience engagement, including a report on the importance of engaging audiences and two studies of engagement practices in dance.
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  • This report summarizes a 2009 conference that was attended by 189 arts leaders from six American cities. A recurring theme at the conference was that "it is clearly more challenging in hard times for arts organizations to take the long view and continue to devote time and effort to building new audiences, but that work and the resulting lessons are also more vital than ever to the long-term health of arts organizations and the entire arts sector".

  • This report summarizes 25 interviews in the fall of 2008 with Dance/USA members regarding their understanding of the term "audience engagement" as well as their current audience engagement activities.
  • This report outlines dance organizations' current audience engagement practices and examines "the field's philosophy towards audience engagement and thoughts on its future role to serve dance".