Arts Research Monitor Volume: 1 Issue No: 2

Volume: 1 Issue: 2

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Reports examining the social and community impacts of the arts, funding and finances in the arts, and arts advocacy.
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  • This issue of The NASAA Advocate from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies is a useful summary of the burgeoning body of American research into the impact of the arts on education, youth at risk, business, tourism, and economic development.
  • This article in the Statistics Canada publication Focus on Culture paints quite a bleak picture of the state of non-profit performing arts organizations in Canada in the 1990s...
  • The inquiry finds challenges in Australia's arts and crafts sector that appear to be quite similar to those in Canada, including the need for fewer "economic uncertainties" for artists, higher status within their communities, more opportunities to sell and exhibit their art, and increased capacity among organizations in the sector.
  • This report summarizes survey research conducted in the fall of 1998 into the community connections of arts attendees and participants in five American communities