Arts education

Volume: 11 Issue: 5

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In this issue: Five important reports and resources examining arts education in the US, England and Australia, including evidence regarding the impacts of the arts for at-risk youth, the connection between childhood arts experiences and adult arts attendance, the impacts of partnerships between arts organizations and schools, ways to improve arts education in American schools, as well as information about an arts education research clearinghouse.
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  • Findings from Four Longitudinal Studies

    Based on four longitudinal datasets, this American report examines the association between in-depth arts engagement and academic or civic outcomes for at-risk youth. The report notes that high-arts students fare at least as well as low-arts students on almost all indicators of academic achievement and civic engagement, and significantly better than low-arts students on a number of indicators.

  • Evidence from the Taking Part survey on how childhood involvement in the arts affects arts engagement in adulthood

    This report examines the relationship between childhood arts experiences and adult arts participation, based on a survey of 13,500 English adults who were asked to recall their childhood arts experiences. Overall, the report found that "being exposed to arts events and encouraged to participate in arts activities when growing up indeed makes a positive contribution to the chances of people developing a life-long interest in and active relationship with the arts".

  • Evaluation of Impact on Student Outcomes

    This evaluation document, as well as the accompanying literature review, examines the impacts of artist-in-residence and exposure-to-arts programs in schools and arts venues in Victoria, Australia. The researchers conclude that "the school/arts partnership programs investigated had a positive impact on the five student outcomes", which include student engagement, student voice, social learning, creative skills, and arts-related knowledge and skills

  • Winning America’s Future Through Creative Schools

    This American report examines the state of arts education, its benefits for students and classrooms, as well as potential improvements in arts education provision. The report argues that "building capacity to create and innovate in our students is central to guaranteeing the nation's competitiveness". However, the report found "enormous variety in the delivery of arts education, resulting in a complex patchwork with pockets of visionary activity flourishing in some locations and inequities in access to arts education increasing in others".

  • The focus of this internet-based clearinghouse is "on research examining how education in the arts – in both discrete arts classes and integrated arts lessons – affects students' cognitive, personal, social and civic development, and how the integration of the arts into the school curriculum affects student learning and educators' instructional practice and engagement in the teaching profession."