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Arts education

Volume: 9 Issue: 7

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In this issue: A focus on quantitative and qualitative information regarding arts education and arts participation of children and youth, including a national report on music education in Canadian schools, a Manitoba study of various forms of arts education in schools, an assessment of the performance of Canadian youth in reading, as well as a report on discussions regarding youth engagement in arts, culture and heritage organizations.
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  • While there has been extensive international research on the benefits of music education for young people, there has been only limited research on the state of music education in Canada. Prepared for the Coalition for Music Education in Canada by Hill Strategies, A Delicate Balance provides detailed information about a range of issues in music education based on a survey of 1,204 schools across Canada.

  • From Informal to Formal Accounts

    Based on surveys completed by 430 Manitoba schools and 29 school divisions, this report examines the situation of arts education in Manitoba schools in 2006-07. The study finds that music and visual arts programs or courses are much more commonly available than drama and dance programs or courses.

  • This report provides a detailed examination of the performance of Canadian 15-year olds in science, reading and mathematics in 2009. As noted in Statistics Canada's Daily article highlighting the report's findings, "Canadian 15-year-old students continue to perform well internationally and have strong skill sets in reading, mathematics and sciences."

  • A National Conversation

    This report summarizes the results of discussions with 100 organizations and 40 youth regarding youth engagement in artistic, cultural and heritage organizations in Canadian communities.