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Arts education

Volume: 8 Issue: 3

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This special "back-to-school" issue of the Arts Research Monitor highlights resources regarding arts education in Canada and the US. The Canadian reports include a description of high-quality music education in schools and statistics about the arts and reading in Ontario schools. The American reports provide case studies of the revitalization of arts education as well as the role of arts learning in developing arts audiences.
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  • A Description of Quality Music Programs, Kindergarten to Graduation

    This report provides lists of the elements that are essential for a comprehensive, multifaceted and sequential music education program in schools. Among these elements:

    · "Every student shall study music in each grade in elementary school."

    · In secondary school, students should have the opportunity to choose from a variety of music programs that are available to them in every academic year.

    · Students should have the opportunity to participate in a range of musical performances, both in the school and in the community.

    · Students should have creative musical experiences and understand the joy of participation.

  • This report, based largely on a survey of 1,123 elementary and secondary schools (representing 23% of the province's schools), provides a wide range of statistics on Ontario's schools, including information about libraries, reading and the arts.

  • This report examines examples of "collaboration and coordination among the different providers and influencers of arts education" in six large American cities. The report argues that a context of "pervasive neglect of arts education" in American schools has led to highly uneven access to arts education.
  • Arguing that "demand for the arts has not kept pace with supply", this report recommends that greater attention be paid to increasing demand for the arts, especially via arts learning activities in public schools, post-secondary education and community venues.