Arts education

Volume: 4 Issue: 7

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This month: a focus on arts education reports from Canada and the U.S., including studies of music, museum and library education, the status of arts education in North American schools, and foundation funding for arts education.
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  • This survey of music education programs in schools was "intended to provide some directional information on music program penetration, types of programs, teacher qualifications, resources, support and the importance of music instruction in the educational experience". Given that most of the schools responding had music programs, the detailed survey results may not provide a representative sample of all schools in Canada, many of which do not have music programs.
  • This American report captures key issues that emerged during workshop discussions between 70 educators, researchers, policymakers and museum and library professionals concerning museums, libraries and Kindergarten to Grade 12 education.
  • The Arts and Education: New Opportunities for Research outlines existing research and research gaps concerning many aspects of arts education, including positive arts learning environments and the impacts of arts education on children, youth and society.
  • The Arts in Canada: Access and Availability 2004 did not contain any survey questions specifically related to arts education. Despite this, in focus group sessions, "participants seemed to be aware of or sensitive to the notion of government cutbacks in schools and [the fact] that the arts are suffering as a result".

  • Based on the Foundation Center's database of all of the grants of $10,000 or more awarded by 1,000 of the largest U.S. foundations (representing about one-half of total U.S. foundation grants), this report "examines the distribution of arts education funding in 2003 and changes in giving since 1999".