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Arts attendance / Performing arts

Volume: 7 Issue: 1

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In this issue: four reports related to arts attendance, including an American study of the intrinsic impacts of performance attendance, a Canadian examination of the social impacts of performing arts attendance, a study of attendees' motivations, abilities and opportunities to participate, and a report on the demographic and cultural factors involved in performing arts attendance in Canada.
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  • This report "attempts to define and measure how audiences are transformed by a live performance". Despite arguments to the contrary, the report finds that "intrinsic impacts can be measured". Some of the potential intrinsic impacts examined in the report include "captivation, intellectual stimulation, emotional resonance, spiritual value, aesthetic growth and social bonding".
  • Exploratory Statistical Evidence

    This recent report investigates the broad social impacts of cultural activities for individuals. It examines the relationship between four cultural activities (reading books, attending live performances, visiting art galleries and attending movie theatres) and social phenomena such as volunteering, donating, neighbourhood connections, sense of belonging and quality of life.

  • Some Theoretical Elaborations and Practical Consequences
    Motivation, ability and opportunity are three key pre-requisites to cultural attendance. This paper examines how arts organizations can better understand and use these three concepts in their audience development work.
  • This report examines demographic and other factors involved in performing arts attendance (as well as three other cultural activities), based on data from Statistics Canada's General Social Survey of 2005, an in-depth telephone survey of about 10,000 Canadians 15 years of age or older.