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Arts and Health

Volume: 6 Issue: 1

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This month: a focus on the relationship between the arts and health, including a presentation of a hospital-based arts program, the potential impacts of dance on health, a British report summarizing medical research into the impacts of the arts on health, and a Canadian literature review of the arts and health.
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  • This report, based on a presentation by Susan Pointe, art advisor for the Friends of University Hospitals, summarizes the arts program at University of Alberta Hospitals (Edmonton). Through the artists-on-the-wards program, artists help adult acute-care patients and their caregivers talk about and create art, including music, visual arts, crafts and writing.
  • This report highlights 19 case studies of dance organizations, events and activities in the U.K. that aim to provide physical, mental, personal, social and educational benefits.
  • This British report provides a summary of 385 references from the medical literature regarding the effects of the arts and humanities in achieving clinical outcomes for the benefit of patients; raising staff morale and job satisfaction; widening the skills of nurses and doctors; providing better quality of healthcare; enhancing the quality of life of mental health users; and helping mental health providers manage the service.

  • This Canadian literature review highlights creative arts therapies in modern medical treatment, the arts and culture's impacts on the Public Health Agency of Canada's "Key Determinants of Health", as well as the relationship of the arts to youth at risk, the elderly, and health care professionals.