Arts and culture labour force

Volume: 3 Issue: 6

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Two reports from Canada and one from the USA examining local arts and culture labour forces and the location choices of artists and cultural workers.
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  • The most recent report in Hill Strategies' Statistical Insights on the Arts series highlights the number and earnings of artists in Canada's provinces, territories and Census Metropolitan Areas based on the 2001 census.
  • This report explores the potential clustering of arts and cultural industries in Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas using four main factors: cultural production; cultural employment; education in cultural programs; and the migration of cultural workers.
  • Ann Markusen, Greg Schrock and Martina Cameron, University of Minnesota

    The Artistic Dividend Revisited updates Markusen's 2003 study on The Artistic Dividend (see Arts Research Monitor Vol. 2 No 5) by providing information from the 2000 U.S. Census on arts occupation clusters (performing artists, visual artists, writers and musicians) and the location decision-making of artists.