Arts Advocacy / Impacts of the Arts / Arts and Health

Volume: 4 Issue: 9

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This month: a focus on arts advocacy and the impacts of the arts, including Canadian and American guides to making the case for the arts, a Scottish resource on the impacts of the arts, as well as Canadian and Australian reports on the links between the arts, health and wellbeing.
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  • This site contains brief summaries of how the arts contribute to six aspects of Canadian life: the economy; urban renewal; community identity and pride; positive change in communities; quality of life and quality of place; and youth development.
  • Similar to the Canadian Making the Case for Culture site, this California site provides information and resources related to: 1) the arts as an economic engine; 2) the arts as a catalyst for better education; 3) the arts as a foundation for health and human services; 4) the arts in civic and community participation; and 5) how "creativity sparks imagination".
  • The Scottish "Impact" database provides bibliographical information about research into the social and economic impacts of arts, culture and events.
  • This report contains a summary of the discussions during the March 2005 Canadian Forum on Arts and Health. The goals of the Forum were to: share experiences and research; provide a networking opportunity for those working in the area; identify questions, issues and opportunities; and assess potential policy implications.
  • This Australian report highlights case studies regarding the connections between community cultural development and seven areas: health; sustainable development; public housing and places; rural revitalization; community strengthening; active citizenship; social inclusion and cultural diversity.