Arts advocacy

Volume: 4 Issue: 2

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With a Canadian election coming in the next eight months, Arts Research Monitor Volume 4, No 2 summarizes some arts advocacy resources and provides a compilation of key statistics from recent Hill Strategies Research reports.
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  • These reports from the Canadian Conference of the Arts' Chalmers Conferences provide arts advocacy information and techniques. The 2005 report provides practical tips for communicating with MPs, insights into parliamentary committees and tips on getting a message heard.
  • The Canadian Conference of the Arts' advocacy primer contains steps to develop advocacy activities, strategies for effective advocacy, tips on how to communicate with candidates, ways to get the message out, tips on how to "make the pitch", and more.
  • The Canada Council's advocacy resource kit contains sections on key advocacy messages, advocacy tips and strategies, the achievements of artists and cultural organizations in a range of sectors, community and economic impacts of the arts, the contributions of Aboriginal and culturally diverse artists, and more. Within each of these areas, the kit contains a variety of statistics, resources and arguments to help arts advocates.