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A Preliminary Analysis

This report summarizes a recent research process into the indirect cultural investments in five large Canadian cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montréal. The report is based on a survey of cultural staff members in the five cities as well as follow-up interviews. The following nine elements were considered for inclusion as indirect cultural investments:

  1. Below-market or nominal rent
  2. Property tax rebates / exemptions (whether through local decision-making or provincial statutes)
  3. Free or below-market rates for advertising on city structures (e.g., bus shelters, buildings, etc.)
  4. In-kind services for festivals, special events, film, etc. (e.g., permits, fire, police, EMS, waste management, transit, etc.)
  5. Heritage conservation incentives (indirect / non-monetary)
  6. Density bonusing (i.e., allowing higher building density in return for community benefits)
  7. Community use agreements / public use of private spaces (e.g., a re-zoning condition allowing for cultural use of private space at a nominal rent)
  8. Modified planning regulations to support cultural sector (with no direct financial implications)
  9. Loan or line-of-credit guarantees by the city