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These web resources compiled by the Canadian Conference of the Arts provide information and statistics to help artists and cultural workers demonstrate the value of the arts and culture in Canada.
This Decima Research survey asked 2,603 Canadians 15 or older a series of questions about attendance at literary or poetry readings, something that has not been asked by other arts participation surveys in Canada.
Prepared for the Arts Experience Initiative in Pitttsburgh by Gerald Yoshitomi
This report aims to provide a guide to increasing arts participation, with a particular eye to the meaning and values involved in arts participation. Participants' perceptions, benefits, barriers and experiences are the key factors in the report's behavioural framework of arts participation.
This short fact sheet provides tips to maximize dance audiences, based on research underpinning the Scottish Arts Council's 2002 Dance Strategy.
This report provides a brief summary of dance programs, policies and challenges in various countries.
Prepared by Decima Research Inc. for the Department of Canadian Heritage
This report shows that over 9.1 million Canadians 15 years of age or older, or 37.6% of Canadians in this age range, attended a live, professional performing arts event in 1998.
This report, peppered with highlights of various museums' educational offerings, summarizes survey responses from 376 museums concerning their contributions to the education of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students in the U.S. in 2000-01.
This discussion paper, prepared for a June conference in London (U.K.), argues that more attention must be paid to "the fundamental contribution that cultural institutions can make to our quality of life at the deepest level", rather than instrumental arguments based on the economic, social, psychological, personal and civic impacts of the arts.