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Canada Council for the Arts Strategic Plan 2008-11: Values and Directions

This Strategic Plan, released in early October, "sets out the values and directions that will guide the Canada Council for the Arts over the next three to five years". The Council established five core directions...

Executive Summary of the Online Survey Report

This report and the accompanying Executive Summary, prepared by Hill Strategies Research, provide an analysis of the 1,182 responses to the Canada Council's online survey regarding its strategic plan. The responses were received in May and June 2007.

Part 1 - Stakeholder Discussions

This report, prepared by Canada Council staff, summarizes discussions with four stakeholder groups: national arts service organizations; arts funders in other jurisdictions; young artists and arts administrators; and other selected organizations with an interest in the arts and in the Council's work.

presentation to Association of Cultural Executives
This two-part presentation examines research findings related to: 1) arts attendance and cultural participation in Canada; and 2) artists in Canada. Knowing nothing else about someone, what one question (not about books) would you ask them in order to guess whether they had read a book in the past year? The presentation also examines crossover attendance data related to the performing arts and art galleries in Canada.
These three reports from Hill Strategies' Statistical Insights on the Arts series highlight the number and earnings of artists in Canadian cities, small municipalities and neighbourhoods based on the 2001 census.
This American report examines various aspects of artists' centres, including their formation, funding and transformation, their impacts on artists, communities, neighbourhoods and economies, and their organizational challenges. The authors "found rich and compelling evidence that artists' centers further the quality of artists' work and enable more of them to make a living at it".
This report analyzes 2001 census data concerning Aboriginal, visible minority and immigrant Canadians who worked more hours in an arts occupation than any other occupation.
The Pew Internet and American Life Project surveyed artists, musicians and members of the public to gather information on their perceptions of internet usage in regards to artistic activity and intellectual property.
This report explores the potential clustering of arts and cultural industries in Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas using four main factors: cultural production; cultural employment; education in cultural programs; and the migration of cultural workers.
The most recent report in Hill Strategies' Statistical Insights on the Arts series highlights the number and earnings of artists in Canada's provinces, territories and Census Metropolitan Areas based on the 2001 census.