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This Australian lecture (by Jon Altman, Director, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University) examines state sponsorship of the Aboriginal arts sector and the historical development of the role of Aboriginal art centres in brokering Aboriginal visual art.
The Canada Council's advocacy resource kit contains sections on key advocacy messages, advocacy tips and strategies, the achievements of artists and cultural organizations in a range of sectors, community and economic impacts of the arts, the contributions of Aboriginal and culturally diverse artists, and more. Within each of these areas, the kit contains a variety of statistics, resources and arguments to help arts advocates.
This report is based on surveys of 50 Aboriginal dance groups and 26 Aboriginal dance artists in Canada.
Two NEA Research Notes based on the 2002 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA) examine participation in the arts and demographic characteristics of arts attendees. The report on overall participation in the arts shows that 76% of all Americans – or 157 million Americans 18 or older – participated in the arts in some way in 2001/02. This figure is strikingly similar to an equivalent Canadian figure...
In this report, Richard Florida and collaborators apply the analysis from his popular 2002 book The Rise of the Creative Class to Canada, with particular emphasis on Ontario.
This article in the Statistics Canada publication Focus on Culture paints quite a bleak picture of the state of non-profit performing arts organizations in Canada in the 1990s...