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Education Indicators in Canada summarizes data on education funding, student achievement and the nature of the school-age population in Canada.
A Sampling Survey of Response to The Crisis in Canada’s School Libraries
The Crisis in Canada's School Libraries makes the case that "an investment in school libraries and teacher-librarians provides the sorts of dividends that educators now seek from public school funding: better student achievement, improved literacy and reading skills, and enhanced readiness to succeed in a post-secondary environment".
Original title: Qui sont les écrivains et les écrivaines du Québec? Écrire ne fait pas vivre
"Who are Quebec's Writers?" provides a detailed sociological portrait of writers, based on a survey of 768 published writers in the province.
This Decima Research survey asked 2,603 Canadians 15 or older a series of questions about attendance at literary or poetry readings, something that has not been asked by other arts participation surveys in Canada.
These short fact sheets provide a limited analysis of the results of a book reading survey of 2,002 Canadians 18 or older.
In an effort to facilitate access to cultural data, Statistics Canada has made a wide range of survey data available online for free. Site users can access culture surveys, data and analysis from Statistics Canada's Culture Statistics Program. Topics include government spending on culture, international cultural trade, as well as sectoral information on, for example, the performing arts, heritage institutions, film and video, movie theatres, and book and periodical publishing.